Watch Free Movies Online From These 5 Streaming Websites from Indonesia

Watch Free Movies Online From These 5 Streaming Websites

Movies are nothing but just a thousand pictures moving at a high frame rate. They have become an essential part of our life. In the earlier days of cinematography, there was no sign of any advanced technologies. But today, movies are as real as they ever could be. Several movies are launched in the world every day of various genres. Some get featured on the big screen, while others come out as online movies. Internet is the best source to get some of the finest movies industry has ever produced.

There is no doubt about the fact that entertainment is important in our life. Working people with jobs often don’t get any chance to spend time with their family. Everybody gets tired after a long working day what could be better than watching your favorite film streaming online. It becomes a difficult task to find a suitable website that has good content and the best video quality. Here is the list of Top 5 Streaming Websites available out there for a movie night with your family and friends.


Watch Free Movies Online at Cinemaperak21
New and good old movies avaliable at Cinemaperak21

Cinemaperak21 is one of the most popular online movie sites here in Indonesia. The website is specially designed for movie enthusiasts who love to watch films in their free time. As you open the link, Cinemaperak21 has all the movies sorted for you in alphabetical order. You can click on them and the list of movies starting with that alphabet will appear on the screen. On the other hand, if you are not aware of any latest online movies that were recently released, click on the ‘Latest Movies’ tab present on the top. Further, category wise movies are listed as you scroll down the page. The overall user interface is friendly and you can easily find the movie according to your mood.

Cinemaperak21 is a great website to watch movies for people who like action. There is a separate column that filters the movies according to your preferred genre. If you want to check the user rating of the movies, look at the bottom-right corner of the movie poster. Moreover, movie trailers are also available that help you to get an overview of the online movie you plan to watch.

Pros and Cons

  • Cinemaperak21 sorts all the movies according to their IMDb ratings on the internet.
  • All the movies have their category that can be searched separately.
  • The release date under the poster helps you to determine the era in which the movie was released.
  • The captions are not available in the movies for the users.


Watch Free Movies Online at Bioskopmantap
Main page of Bioskopmantap online movie service

If you are finding a website to watch movies online in your free time, Bioskopmantap will be your best choice. It is a hub for all the popular movies in Indonesia that are loved by the viewers. You can find movies belonging to any category along with other similar movies that are full of entertainment. On the top bar, all the available genres are written to make the job easier for the viewer. You can directly click on the type of Indonesian movie you want to watch and the rest of the things will be done by Bioskopmantap.

All movies including the latest releases are available to watch without paying any cost to the Bioskopmantap website. The films are filtered by their categories and the ratings are stated along with it. If you want to get information about their title, click on the poster. You can even watch previous released online movies in case you missed it out. The movie print is available in high video quality and can be watched on a big screen.

Pros and Cons

  • The movies are available along with subtitles for a better understanding.
  • User ratings are provided for the viewers to choose the correct movie for their evening.
  • Some local movies need to be added to the list of latest movies section of Bioskopmantap.
  • There is no option to sort the movies according to their alphabetical order.


Watch Free Movies Online at Garudaxxi
Garudaxxi — A pretty good website to watch online movies from Indonesia

Garudaxxi is a great website to look for online movies option for viewers having a taste to watch Indonesian movies. There is no doubt that it has a wide variety of movies belonging to different genres and categories. Anyone can easily adapt to the user interface of the Garudaxxi website as nothing is confusing. Every movie is filtered according to the need of the viewer. There is an option available that helps you to look for the latest Indonesian movies. You can choose any movie genre from Comedy, Drama, Action, Thriller, and a lot more like these.

After you click on the poster of any movie you want to watch, a new page will open. There you can see all the details like the release date, region, duration, and category. The complete cast of the movie can also be viewed on the same page. For more clarity, IMDb ratings are also mentioned below each online movie. Scroll down the home page to view more online movies according to their category. You can also click on the ‘See all’ option as per your convenience. Animated movies are also available for young kids.

Pros and Cons

  • Garudaxxi has even included short movies for people who can’t spare more time.
  • Frequently Asked Questions for each movie are provided for better understanding.
  • The subtitles for some movies are not available due to some issues with the website.
  • You can sort movies according to their ratings on the Garudaxxi platform.


Watch Free Movies Online at inemakerenxxi
Home page of inemakerenxxi website.

Cinemakerenxxi is a great website to watch movies online in HD video quality. All the latest movies are present here along with the subtitles for each. You don’t need to look for movies separately on the internet. Cinemakerenxxi does the complete job for you and brings the best movies of all time. The movies are listed on the home page along with their poster for better visualization. Several films streaming online have a significant number of high ratings from the viewers. This increases the curiosity to watch it and know the story narrated in it. Clear subtitles can be activated directly for several movies and help the viewers to understand the dialogues more comfortably.

A short synopsis of the whole movie is written on the page of Cinemakerenxxi. You can read it before watching the movie as it is important to understand a few things beforehand. Another option is present on the menu bar that sorts out the ‘Famous’ online movies on the Cinemakerenxxi website. Apart from the latest movies released, you can also watch other movies based on different categories. The genres available for online movies are Action, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery, and many others.

Pros and Cons

  • Online movies are compiled in a way that helps to find appropriate genres without wasting time.
  • You can also directly search the title of the online movie at Cinemakerenxxi.
  • The trailer can be viewed before watching the complete movie.
  • There is no option to align the movies in alphabetical order.


Watch Free Movies Online at Bioskopmantap21
Bioskopmantap21 — Welcome to the homepage of the site

At last but not least, we are going to discuss the Bioskopmantap21 website to watch various films streaming online. It has a wide collection of all the popular movies that can be watched by you. The movies are sorted according to the genre that reduces the time taken to search for them. Along with the movie title, the overall rating of the online movies is also shown on the Bioskopmantap21 website. Moreover, looking for a specific movie is convenient. You just have to type the movie name on the search bar and it will show you the accurate results.

In case you are unable to find the required movies, you can also place a request for the same. The owners of Bioskopmantap21 will try their best to put that movie as soon as possible. It is a trusted website to watch online movies.

Pros and Cons

  • Various short movies available to watch can save you a lot of time.
  • There is no need to pay any extra cost for the latest released movies and they get featured within few hours of the release.
  • The link to the movie trailer is present below the poster for a better grasp.
  • Sometimes you can feel a lag in sound while film streaming. Try to refresh your browser or stabilize your network connection.


This was all about the movie streaming websites available for the viewers to watch their favorite movies. This will save you a lot of time and you can easily search for the desired movie. The category section helps you to determine the right film genre. Moreover, you can also download online movies from these websites if required. The buffering time is low and you get HD quality even at average network speed.

Sometimes an error might occur while accessing these websites and you can’t watch any online movie. Activate a VPN on your device to solve this problem. It will also save your data from getting misused by any third-party recruiters as your film streams online.


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