5 Hollywood actors who are hiding their quirks

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Attaining fame for a Movie actor comes with a good poster of image, perhaps! Only when we start wondering how much exposed the lives of Hollywood actors are, it comes to us as that might not be the actual case.

Hollywood entertainers exemplify only the facts that they want. And in the meantime, we are astray from much of the peculiar truths with no hint of being a Quirky actor of Hollywood, old Hollywood particularly.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor, the first highest-paid actress of her time, had an exclusive jewelry collection but left to be a Quirky actor. She was one of the most beautiful actresses, and to add an element to it; her eyes were a statement. Indeed, she had a unique category of beauty in her dark blue eyes that would slightly turn purple.

But this beauty of hers came with consequences. The doctor reported to her parents that the color shifts happened due to Genetic Mutation. Considered as one of those weird-looking actors but with sheer limelight of beauty and breathtaking!

She suffered lymphedema-distichiasis that resulted in her foxc2 gene. Elizabeth paid the price of her disease throughout her existence until she passed away due to heart failure because of her mutation.

In her life, Hollywood actor Elizabeth appeared to be married for over eight times and a successful actor who had been on the cover of People magazine for almost 14 times.

Even if Elizabeth has some weird celebrities’ vibe, she truly endured the most beautiful eyes and eyelashes.

Peter Sellers

Hollywood actor Peter, the legend of the previous generation, was not so proper with a color he was scared of.

Many artists who had a chance to work Peter had somewhat progressed with not so good time in the sets. He was a tough person to deal with, who wouldn’t regret firing people for the slightest mistake.

But little did the haters know of his fear of the color purple. According to Movie actor Peter, it was a way to die.

This fear of him had been an unwanted reason for causing further troubles on multiple sets. Even the stay-ins he chose must not abide by the shade.

While Peter feared purple, the aggression to the shade green was even more.

Peter Seller had begun his first career as a drummer in show business. Before he made himself as a hip of the Hollywood industry, he made two solo albums in the niche of Comedy.

And yeah, did you know the Movie actor, Peter, in 1960 collaborated with Sophia Loren on an album named ‘Peter & Sophia.’ This album comprised a mainstream of the time ‘Goodness Gracious Me,’ so much loved by everyone that it made it to 4th on the U.K pop charts.

Audrey Hepburn

Born as Audrey Kathleen Ruston, this Hollywood actor changed her name to Audrey Hepburn in 1948. Hepburn was an introvert, reported herself in an interview with LIFE Magazine of 1953.

She’s a perfect example of a perfect real-life Disney Princess, but an exception to this is her feet. Yes, she had a size of 10.

And talking of her industry reputation, it would have never been so good if the fact that her parents were Nazi sympathizers were known to all.

Meanwhile, in the shoot of Jungle Romance Green in the year 1959, she propagated a special attachment with the baby deer, who was also a part of the movie as an animal Movie actor.

Named Pippin, both the animal and Hepburn becomes best friends despite the deer not having a good pet’s reputation.

An essence of ‘weird celebrities’ comes from the loved Hepburn had for her deer, Pippin.

Hepburn had started her dancing since the age of 5, and by 1944, she was an expert who danced and collected money in secrecy.

Marlon Brando

Movie actor Marlon Brando was a big star of that time, for sure. But regardless of it, he preferred to have his make-up done on his own. However, the look of him was always on point, given that he had practiced and learned the course of make-up with Stella Adler.

Marlon was a talented artist who reached ability in all aspects. But to have him learn the script was an enduring process.

He was regarded in the chart of weird looking actors only because of the dashing look and irresistible smile that makes girls fall in love with him!

It’s quite unusual that actors who are not keen or unable to absurd the lines in mind get their careers peaked.

As for Marlon, he would have cue cards placed all around the movie set and utter lines in a very soft mumble.

Nevertheless, Movie actor Marlon was very talented, loved acting, and enjoyed teaching it as well. And as such, he used to conduct classes in his abode.


When we talk about a bond between humans and chimpanzees, what can beat Elvis and Scatter? And that he was called as one of the weird looking actors for his secrecy to black hair?

Born on the 8th of January, 1935, Elvis had a twin who couldn’t survive for long. Gladys, the mother, suffered delivery complications where Elvis survived but unfortunately, Jesse Presley couldn’t.

After Gladys passed away in 1958, the son was never the same.

When Elvis had started becoming mainstream, a chimpanzee named scatter was given to him. It was all that the previous owner of Scatter anyhow wanted to get rid of it.

Movie actor Elvis took scatter to his home in Graceland, where the bond gradually enhanced.

As for Scatter, he was the number one in creating a mess out of everything. From ripping off the curtains to scaring the guest and biting them, Scatter wouldn’t cease until the ambiance was devastated.

Elvis counts to be one of the weirdest actors anywhere for his weird relationship with the animal and for his habit of rubbing black polish on his head to make it appear black.


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