10 Low Budget Movies That Became Masterpieces

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Movie watching is regarded as the most enjoyable pastime this world has devised yet. It is believed that a great movie is made with the help of enormous money as movie budgets, which is a myth. A great movie is the concoction of a great storyline, excellent cinematography, and perfect sound mixing. With a low budget also, the movies can be made. Though the success rate of that movie is least, but not nil.

It is evident from the history of movies that low budgets movies do become masterpieces. The audience and critics equally like these movies.

The list below mentions some of those low budget movies that have made into the list of masterpieces.

The list of low budget movies that are regarded as masterpieces

Making a great movie isn’t an easy task. You have to stay motivated while shooting for the movie; the same happens with the low budget movies.

In a year, several movies make their appearance in the theatres. But only some of the impact the audience with their best acting and storyline. And low budget movies are one of them.

Let us look into those low budget movies that made millions despite their small budgets.

1. El mariachi (1992)

This crime thriller movie was made in 1992 by Robert Rodriquez. El mariachi was made with a low budget of only US $7,000, making it the lowest budget movie. The movie was made in Mexico with a Spanish dialect. The director himself wrote the storyline of the film.

Nobody has thought that this lowest budget movie would make an opening of $312,528 at its releasing day. The movie has surely impacted the audience in all possible ways.

Talking about the storyline, it is a thriller movie that will keep you hooked to your seats for the longest time. Its story revolves around a man called El mariachi, who was mistaken for a murderous criminal. With an interesting climax and plot twists, this low budget movie is regarded still as a masterpiece.

2. Eraserhead (1997)

The second in the list is an Eraserhead by David Lynch of the USA. The director has made this movie with a budget of only $ 10 000. No doubt, this movie has gained almost double the budget used. It has surpassed many biggest budget movies in the collection. The audience had embraced this movie with open arms when it surfaced in the theatres.

The story has a different storyline with a captivating aura. It is all about the male protagonist- Henry Spencer, who tries to survive his life amidst the chaos. It is one of those low budget movies that have awed the audience with its horror temperament.

3. Paranormal Activity (2007)

This mystery movie is made to scare the bravest man also.  It is one of those lowest budget movies that made millions in the overseas and domestic markets. This movie is indeed a masterpiece that has kept the audience hooked to their seats. Paranormal activity is written and directed by Oren Peli with just a small budget. The opening weekend gain of the movie was 4X bigger than by what it is made.

The collection was enormous, which is counted as the biggest movie collection- $193,355,800.  The movie keeps you shifting on your seats with its demonic work. It is one of those low budget movies that made millions worldwide. This low budget movie is perfect for all horror-loving individuals. This movie has done exceptionally well at the theatres, which is hard for the biggest budget movies.

4. Supersize me (2004)

This 100-minute movie comes in the category of low budget films. It is of documentary nature that has amused everyone with its quirkiness and facts. The movie revolves around the director himself. He explores all consequences of his health and how he can remain healthy. This movie has influenced many people.

The movie’s budget was only $65000, but it made a gross collection of $11 536,423. This movie is also included in those low budget movies that made millions.

5. Another earth (2011)

This movie is a blend of science fiction, romance, and drama. Mike Cahill- the film director, has done a good job on this low-budget movie to make it the masterpiece of that time. The movie has surpassed many biggest budget movies in its collection. Another earth has a good screenplay that has won 7 outstanding awards and nominations at prestigious award shows.

The budget was only $ 100,000 but has done a phenomenal collection of $ 1,938,783. This low budget movie is always in the audience’s preference list when it comes to watching science fiction.

6. Once (2008)

This 2008 romance movie has created a good space in its audience hearts. The low budget movie was made in $ 150,000. But the movie has made its name to the best low budget films that have ruled the hearts. The storyline revolves around the musician and the immigrant, and their week in Dublin. The music and other things have set the movie in a different perspective for the audience.

The huge collection of movies has made it to the list of a masterpiece.

7. Monsters (2010)

As the name suggests, this movie is of the adventure genre that was directed by Gareth Edwards. The movie was nominated for many prestigious awards like the BAFTA film award.

It has a budget of 500,000 but gained almost a sum of $5,060,438 in worldwide space. The film story revolves around a cynical journalist who comes to America after vast destruction. The film has the biggest budgets from the category of low budget movies that made millions.

8. Bronson (2008)

Bronson is a 90-minute biographical movie that has a young protagonist sentenced to 7 years. It is his story where he ends up living a decade in that small room of the prison. The audience has loved this movie a lot because of its relatedness and a good screenplay. It was in the category of best low budget films.

The movie budgets were small for this, but the collection was bigger.

9. Grizzly man (2005)

It is a documentary movie that portrays the adventures of grizzly bear activists in the jungle. This low movie budgets have amused the audience very well with its tactics and adventures. The grizzly bear insights are well drawn in the movie.

The collection was more than the budget of the movie, which was small. It has a good screenplay for which it was awarded some prestigious awards. It is indeed the lowest budget movie that made millions.

10. Night of the living dead (1968)

The budget of the movie was only $114,000, but the collection was far more than this. It is a horror film with good acoustics to make the audience delighted. The cast and crew have done phenomenal work on this low budget movie. It is one of those best low budget films that have turned into the masterpiece list.

The grand collection was enormous for the movie.


All low budget movies cannot make to the masterpiece list. Only a few movies go for that list, and above mentioned low budget movies are that one. The movies have always impacted us in different ways, and it will also do so in the future. It is very pleasing to mention these best low budget films for the masterpiece list.


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